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In today’s competitive job market, attracting highly skilled individuals can be a challenging process. This is where recruitment services come into play.

The traditional hiring process has been replaced by the new one which includes recruiting agencies or other alternative methods such as planning, strategy development, preparing job descriptions, job posting, screening, shortlisting, and selection process.

What is a recruitment service?

Recruitment service, also known as staffing service, is the process where a recruiting company or agency helps businesses find and hire the right candidate for different job vacancies. From hiring to the selection process, recruitment services help to streamline the hiring process, save time and resources, and ensure the right fit for both parties. Further, the recruitment service provides insights into current market trends and creates a strategy that fits best with the company’s objective.

How does recruitment service work?

Recruitment services are mostly handled by recruiting agencies that are well known for their expertise in finding qualified candidates. Here’s a step-by-step process on how recruitment service works:

Connecting with employers: The first step to starting a recruitment service is to connect with employers to know more about their job openings and the candidates they are looking for.

Create Job Description: Depending on the information provided by employers, create a job description that includes position, qualification, experience, required skills, and job responsibilities.

Job Posting: Recruitment services post jobs on different platforms like the company’s website, social media, job portals, or other job-searching platforms.

Candidate Sourcing: Candidate sourcing is done through a different process that includes reviewing the current database of registered job seekers, posting vacancies on multiple platforms, contacting candidates through direct calls or emails, and using professional networks.

CV or Resume Screening: Reviewing the applicant’s resume to analyze if they meet the basic requirements set by the employers.

Interviews: Candidates who pass the initial screening are called for interviews by recruitment services.

Shortlisting: After the interview, the recruitment service shortlists the most suitable candidates and sends the list to the employers.

Interview by Employers: The agency coordinates with the candidates and schedules interviews with employers. This process can include rounds of interviews depending on the employer’s decision.

Job Offer: If the candidate is selected for the job, the recruitment service prepares a job offer that includes the benefits, salary package, joining date, and more.

Placement: Once the candidate accepts the offer, the recruitment service onboard the new candidate.

Follow-up and Feedback: Recruitment services often charge fees after the placement process. They follow up with both candidates and employees for feedback and maintain a positive relationship with both parties, recruitment service also provides replacement in case the hired candidate resigns during the probation period.

What KPIs are measured?

In terms of recruitment services, key performance indicators (KPIs) help to measure the efficiency and success rate of agencies. The KPI results can be further used to analyze the data and attract new employers. Here are some common KPIs that are measured in recruitment services:

Qualified Candidates: This assesses the quality of candidates provided to employers.

Time-to-fill: This measures the average time to fulfill the job vacancy. This includes the time from coordinating with employers to post a job and hiring the best candidate.

Cost-per-hire:  This includes the cost incurred by recruiting agencies to advertise, source candidates, and post a job vacancy.

Candidate Satisfaction: This assesses the satisfaction of job seekers, who have been placed by recruiting agencies to other companies.

Employer Satisfaction: This assesses the satisfaction of the employer after using recruiting agencies’ services to hire the right candidate.

Number of Placements: This assesses the number of placements made by recruitment agencies within a specific time period.

Source Quality: This includes the sources from agencies dashboard, referrals, social media and more.

Time-to-source: This assesses the time spent to source the candidate after a job vacancy announcement.

Interviews to hire: This shows the number of candidates who have been shortlisted for the final round interview.

Offer acceptance rate: This assesses the number of offers that have been accepted by candidates.

Retention rate: This assesses the percentage of candidates that work for the company after being placed by the agencies.

Diversity and Inclusion Metric: This indicates the initiatives taken to promote diversity and inclusion during the recruitment process.

Why Nepal for Recruitment Service?

Nepal can be the best place to outsource as it has a pool of skilled candidates from different backgrounds including healthcare, engineering, business, IT, hospitality, and more.

Most of the Nepalese people are well educated and are fluent in the English language which is the most needed skill in the global marketplace. This can be the cherry on top for companies looking to hire candidates from Nepal. Compared to Western countries, Nepal has a low living cost, which can be an advantage to businesses looking to outsource candidates for different industries.

Nepal has made significant progress in the IT industry, with an increasing number of qualified IT professionals. As a result, demand for IT recruiting services has increased.

Further, Nepal has signed labor treaties with several countries, thus, recruitment services play a crucial role in simplifying this process.

Why Kantipur Management for Recruitment Service?

Kantipur Management provides different recruitment services to streamline the hiring process. By leveraging their recruitment services, businesses can save time, and get access to a diverse pool of skilled individuals.

Kantipur management services include job posting, placement services, outsourcing, payroll management, and more. These services can be further customized depending on the requirements of businesses.

Kantipur Management provides services that are not just limited to selecting random candidates but go beyond conducting thorough screening and evaluation processes to ensure they meet the requirements set by the employers. This includes sourcing candidates, shortlisting, conducting interviews, analyzing candidates’ skills and experience, and reference checks. It also provides support to make sure both employers and job-seekers are satisfied with their services. In addition, Kantipur Management also provides different training to jobseekers to prepare them to enter the real business world.

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