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Customers’ expectations are changing — we level up the experience.

Digital Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction and efficiency with our digital customer service and support solutions. Our digital customer service and support solutions can help you improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and reduce costs. We offer a variety of channels, such as live chat, chatbots, and self-service portals, so that customers can get the support they need, when they need it. Our team of experienced customer service professionals is available 24/7 to provide quick and accurate support.








Service Level

BPO Services
BPO Services

Social Media Management

In today’s digital world, social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers, build relationships, and grow their brand. Our social media management solutions can help you take advantage of this opportunity and achieve your business goals



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Service Level



Chat Support

Our chat support teams allow your customers to engage with you any time, from any device to resolve any issues. Our custom teams drive higher customer satisfaction, deliver significant cost savings, provide business continuity, and assist live agents to improve the customer experience.

Email Support

Our email support teams establish good communication with customers focused on building trust. Our custom teams are trained in effective written communication to enable an enhanced customer experience.

Graphic Design

Graphic design helps your content look more accomplished and persuasive. Good designs are critical for your brand’s identity and recognizability. We create custom graphic designs for everything from social media creatives to logos and branding. Our team follows the latest design trends to make our customers more memorable online.

Paid Advertising

PPC advertising helps you enhance your social reach, boost your SEO efforts, drive traffic to your online resources, and significantly boost your sales. We advertise to send your message to potential customers in the quickest way possible. Our effective strategies and campaigns work flawlessly in synergy with other marketing efforts to scale your business.

SEO & Content Marketing

SEO & content marketing help increase traffic to your online resources, build trust, attract new clients, and excite your current audience. We make your content marketing hassle-free through developing, writing, editing, and promoting your content. Our content and coding strategies ensure high search engine ranking and influence conversions.

Video Production

Our professional video production increases conversions and contributes to increased sales. Our effective video marketing strategies provide high SEO value to your website. We provide a full range of video styles (explainer, animation, live action, etc) and manage pre and post production editing. Our video services have been proven to increase conversions.

Project Delivery Structure

✔ Understanding expectations
✔ Outline the process requirement
✔ Define process delivery plan
✔ Hiring talents for the process
✔ Onboarding - Soft Skills, Product,
Technology Training
✔ Culture - Know how, Dos and Don'ts
✔ Ready for production
✔ Training and Needs Analysis
✔ Continuous Development Plan
✔ Up skilling and Certification
✔ Key Process Performance Metrics
✔ People - Employee Satisfaction
✔ Quality Management System - Live, Side-by-Side, Recorded

Why Choose Our Call Center Services

Results-Driven Approach

We are dedicated to delivering tangible results that align with your business objectives and contribute to your growth.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize understanding your customers’ needs to deliver personalized experiences that exceed expectations.

Professional Outreach

Our team of trained professionals ensures that every interaction reflects positively on your brand, fostering trust and credibility.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our advanced call center technology ensures seamless call routing, efficient issue resolution, and accurate data management.


Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our flexible solutions can adapt to your evolving business requirements.

Skilled Professionals

Our team consists of trained and experienced people who provide exceptional service and maintain high standards of professionalism.


Benefit from cost savings without compromising on service quality. Outsourcing your call center needs to us allows you to allocate resources more strategically.



We specialize in call center management. We have been providing call center services around the nation to reputed names of the industry.
We use the latest of the market tech and stay high tech to maintain our call centers. we use the best software and DBMS
We have been successfully conducting Tele-marketing and Tele-sales services through our Call Centers by mainining high accuracy.
We have had the privilege to set up call centers for a number of our clients who are also recognized leaders of the market.
KMPL is a name today often considered for maintaining secure and large databases for several companies. We use all the latest tech to maintain our databases and also provide data entry services to large or small companies.
Being involved with Customer Service as our main core we require to know if our services are being delivered to the most possible customer and that they are benefited by our services.
Among our services, we have had multiple opportunities to enhance our customer relations skills and also have been able to provide the best of front desk personnel to our clients.
The primary function of any recruitment is Job Need analysis. Identifying the key need is the most important element of any successful hiring.
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union pay
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Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is an ISO certified company. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing and Talent Sourcing services. We have grown from a Human Resource services company to specialize further in managing contact centers, talent outsourcing, sales, and marketing.

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