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It is often tough for an employer to find the right person to select for a job. Hiring employees is one of the most tiring and time-consuming jobs. Additionally, doing so is unavoidable. To keep an organization working and growing, there arises a necessity to grow the workforce and, in many cases, change them concerning the time and needs of a company. For companies that require activeness and alertness in other fields of work besides managing the workforce, the best solution is to work with an employee or staff outsourcing service.

In Nepal, there has been a growth in the number of employees, staff outsourcing services, and evergrowing organizations. While businesses already have a human resources manager to carry all the staffing and employee recruitment roles, smaller businesses or businesses that are trying to cut costs can easily access recruitment services.

What are Employee / Staff Outsourcing Services?

When a company hires a professional, almost always an agency outside of the organization that becomes a third-party entity, to hire and sometimes even train the best possible candidates for their organization; these professionals or agencies are known as employee/ staff outsourcing services. Getting an employee or staff outsourcing service provider can save the organization time and money.

Unlike a full-time human resources manager, you won’t require the hired outsourcing service provider to always come to the workplace. These professionals work at their working hours in their own working spaces. Also, paying for these professionals can be easier in your pockets than hiring an in-house employee to carry the same roles and responsibilities.

What are the benefits of hiring Employee / Staff Outsourcing Services?

Hiring employee / staff outsourcing services to fulfill your company’s roles and responsibilities has several benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Pocket-friendly: One of the major benefits that any new business or company can enjoy from these services is that they can cut costs immensely. If you hire an in-house employee to do the same work as these companies, you must pay for their insurance, employee benefits, and a heavier salary package. But getting an employee outsourcing service provider to work for you means you only pay for particular services they provide and nothing more than that.

Time-saving: When the employees in the organization are not engaged in outsourcing duties, they can focus their time and energy on more necessary work around the company, meaning these services also help you save time.

More reach towards talent: An in-house employee may find a certain group of candidates who fit well in a certain job role, but an employee or staff outsourcing service usually has a wider reach to talents. These service providers are associated with diverse talents, among which anyone can be suitable for a vacant job role in the employing company.

Quicker hiring time: Employee outsourcing services provide expertise in employing staff for an organization. Hence, their connections and proficiency result in a quicker hiring process, helping a company get employees faster.

Better risk management: With advanced knowledge in hiring or staffing employees, outsourcing service providers can also better manage risks related to doing their jobs.

Data security: Companies tend to keep their data as secretive as possible. When a trustworthy and reliable employee outsourcing service comes to these companies, they can always be assured of data confidentiality.

HR technology: Technology has advanced with time. And HR technology is not an exception. When an in-house employee works as an HR, they don’t have access to advanced HR technology like employee and staff outsourcing services.

Flexibility: Hiring a staff outsourcing service usually means that you will also get flexibility in the work of these service providers. Employees in the same organization are almost always rigid with how they deliver their work, so this is not the case when you hire an outsourcing service provider.

What services do Employee / Staff Outsourcing Service provide in Nepal?

In Nepal, the employee/ staff outsourcing service providers usually provide the following services:

Identifying and hiring the best candidates: Employee outsourcing services identify the best candidates among the job applicants and hire the best potential candidate among them.

Maintain employee records: The employing organization doesn’t have to stress maintaining employee records as the outsourcing service provider carries the work themselves.

Compliance with labor laws: An authorized employee outsourcing service knows how to follow all the necessary labor laws. There is no chance of violation of such laws.

Payroll processing: A company that hires outsourcing service providers trust them with payroll information as well. Hence, these service providers conduct payroll processing as well.

Training and Development: Outsourcing service providers often provide training and development to the hired employees.

Maintain employee relations: Maintaining relationships with the employees that an outsourcing company hires even after the hiring process is essential. Therefore, these service agencies maintain employee relations. Keeping employee relations includes handling their grievances, understanding and, to an extent, dealing with disciplinary actions, and keeping track of employee issues.

Manage employee performance: Performing employee analysis, evaluating the employees, appraising them, and providing feedback to the employer are included as an important responsibility of a staff outsourcing service in Nepal.

What are the scopes of Employee / Staff Outsourcing Services in Nepal?

The scope of employee/staff outsourcing services in Nepal includes the following:

Skilled/Semi Skilled staffing: This includes a workforce like cleaning staff, helpers, drivers, purchase riders, and messengers.

Clerical staffing: This includes workforce like operation associates, receptionists, office assistants, telephone operators, technical support, and customer support.

Expertise and specialization outsourcing: This includes workforce like HR, marketing, business development, procurement, operation, and account/finance.


Companies always look for smart strategies to cut costs while maintaining the perfect company profile. For this, they should focus on hiring the right and, most importantly, an authorized employee/staff outsourcing service. Wise decision-makers have been associating their companies with human resources outsourcing service providers and have been benefiting immensely by doing so. Once you start working with an outsourcing professional, you will see positive company changes.

Why Kantipur Management for Employer of Record Service in Nepal?

Kantipur management private limited is the No.1 Staff Outsourcing company in Nepal and provides different staff outsourcing services for project outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing, IT outsourcing, and more. Depending on the company’s nature, these services can be customized per the needs and demands of the client company.

Kantipur Management helps businesses save time and provides a wide pool of talented individuals with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Since Kantipur Management handles the overall recruitment process, it further helps businesses mitigate certain risks.

Apart from this, Kantipur Management has an expert team who help to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. Their team provides around-the-clock support, handles conflicts, and communicates with clients frequently. Further outsourcing companies like Kantipur Management are often aware of business laws and compliance standards which can assist businesses to address complicated legal and regulatory settings.

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