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In today’s competitive business environment, firms need to deliver exceptional customer experience to expand global reach and engage with customers from diverse backgrounds all around the globe. With the rising demand for BPO services in Nepal, we have been enhancing customer experience and engagement to achieve scalability and broadening business horizons.

Here are reasons to choose BPO services in Nepal to create an enhanced customer experience:

Self-service for timeless customer support 

Customer’s attention span is becoming relatively shorter and they want their issues fixed instantly and efficiently without any hassle. BPO organizations in Nepal provide customers with self-service channels where they can obtain easily and readily accessible information like FAQs, how-to guides, online tutorials, manuals, and many more anytime and anywhere irrespective of business hours. Likewise, a self-service knowledge base also helps firms to provide consistent support across channels allowing customers to choose the medium they are most comfortable with leading to a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Implementing CRM system and the latest technologies 

Customer relationship management is a technology that helps firms to manage all customer relationships along with all the data and information associated with them. It helps organizations to stay connected with customers, streamline the business process and improve profitability. Likewise, BPO service providers in Nepal are using CRM systems to easily access customer information and provide efficient and personalized customer support. For example, Integrating AI-powered chatbots that help firms to handle regular customer queries and reduce the workload of customer service representatives allowing them to focus on other complex issues.

Implement Quality Assurance Processes:

Quality assurance is crucial in the BPO industry. Businesses must build strong processes to monitor and assess client interactions consistently. To maintain quality, firms interact regularly with churned customers, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, establishing clear communication between the firm and the outsourcing company is vital to promptly address issues and align customer service representatives with the organization’s objectives. With these practices in place, BPO businesses are delivering top-notch service and thrive in the competitive market.

Omni channel Customer Support Options  

In recent years the BPO industry is constantly evolving and the need for Omni channel customer experience has also increased. Firms in Nepal are leveraging social media, websites, Apps, chatbots, phone calls, self-service portals and many other options to provide a seamless Omni channel customer experience. Additionally, while creating Omni channel customer support, each channel is providing quality and consistent support to queries and feedback to create improved customer engagement and loyalty.

Hiring and training the right talent 

In the BPO industry, hiring the right talent is key to enhancing customer experience. BPO organizations in Nepal prioritize professionals with excellent communication skills and English proficiency. Additionally, organizations ensure that they provide comprehensive training on brand values, products, services, and client expectations. Likewise, they align employees with organizational goals that further enhance the customer journey and overall experience.

Cultural Sensitivity and language proficiency 

Since BPO service providers have clients and customers from various countries and regions it is crucial to understand customer’s cultural sensitivity and maintain fluency in communication either in English or any other language as required. It helps to understand customer expectations and provide more personalized service. As such, BPO organizations in Nepal provide necessary training and guidelines to their employees to help them understand cultural sensitivity, enhance English proficiency and learn other languages to improve customer experience and engagement.

Hyper personalization

BPO organizations in Nepal provide tailored services whenever possible. They understand customer requirements and provide personalized solutions that make customers feel valued and appreciated. Similarly, BPO firms implement personalized service by suggesting relevant services and products based on previous interactions and assign dedicated teams to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Collect customer feedback

To improve the digital customer experience, firms have to collect and analyze consumer feedback to improve their customer service. BPO firms in Nepal employ surveys, feedback forms, or social media monitoring to identify their customers’ pain points and suggestions for change. Likewise, they analyze the feedback from these channels and implement necessary changes to improve the overall customer experience.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

 To improve client experience, BPO firms in Nepal focus on continual improvement and innovation. They experiment with and adapt to new technologies like AI-based chat-bots, voice technology, the latest CRM systems, and many more to adapt to industry best practices and stay ahead of the competition. Similarly, by focusing on improvement and innovation BPO organizations retain their existing customers and reach out to potential customers with improved service and experience.

Focus on building long-term relationship 

BPO service providers in Nepal prioritize cultivating long-term client relationships to foster business growth and expand their clientele. To maintain long-term relationships, BPO firms are committed to providing top-notch service through skilled talents and abundant resources. Similarly, they also provide personalized and tailored services to clients and customers by understanding their expectations and requirements. Such client-centric approaches not only improve customer satisfaction but also helps to contribute to the word of mouth referrals.

Why is Nepal better for BPO Service?

Over the last 15 years, Nepal has emerged as an ideal outsourcing destination. According to the Trading Economics BoP of 2020, Nepal exported ICT services amounting to 287 million. Business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the country initially emerged in the late 1990s, with an increase in medical transcription services and call centers.

Also, the government of Nepal selected IT and  BPO as one of the five priority potential export service industries in 2010. With the increasing need for outsourcing services globally, there were over 6000 BPO enterprises in Nepal in 2013, and the number is likely to grow each year.

Established in 2004, Cotiviti is an American firm and one of the oldest BPO and IT companies in Nepal. With more than 18 years of operational experience, the company has 300 team members that offer software development, design, testing, and healthcare informatics solutions. Similarly, Kantipur Management, Deerwalk, Leapfrog, Cloudfactory, InfoDevelopers, Logpoint, Verisk Nepal, Yomari, and Fusemachine are leading BPOs in Nepal and have established themselves in the outsourcing business.

In recent years, Nepal has been emerging as an ideal destination for offshoring. The country has developed as a prominent outsourcing destination due to its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and favourable business environment. Nepal offers a skilled talent pool of qualified individuals in several fields including Science and technology, software development, customer support, human resource, and many more.

Outsourcing firms in Nepal offer services at a relatively low cost in comparison to other South Asian countries and regions. Similarly, excellent English proficiency among professional personnel and timezone flexibility are other factors that have helped Nepal expand its position in the outsourcing business.

Furthermore, many companies in Nepal have years of operational experience and excellent resources and have been providing outsourcing services across the US, UK, Australia, and other European countries. As such, outsourcing companies can directly work with these companies and have access to skilled talents and experts based on their business requirements. This is another reason why Nepal is better off outsourcing over remote work.

Since, outsourcing offers more cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and leveraging more services to client organizations without having to take on the burden of recruitment and operation, outsourcing in Nepal can be the best option over remote staffing.


In conclusion, Nepal’s BPO services is dedicated to continuous improvement, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a customer-centric approach. Firms invest in suitable platforms and solutions that meet customer expectations. Effective communication and quality assurance are priority in fostering long-term relationships and creating loyal brand advocates, driving business growth. Similarly, by implementing self-service CRM systems, they ensure instant and efficient customer support, enhancing overall service quality. Overall, BPO firms in Nepal are on the path to excellence and are standing out in the competitive market.

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