ArticleCommon Problems in the Recruitment Service in Nepal


Nepal has a lot of workforces, especially the youths, actively looking for the right job opportunity. However, the recruitment industry in Nepal has been facing issues in carrying their work for many reasons. Some of the main reasons are that the right person does not get placed in the right job, there is a lack of skills among the candidates, dissatisfaction with the job vacancies among the potential candidates, and inability to find the best possible person with adequate skills and abilities to carry a particular job position.

Recruitment service does not necessarily mean that a recruiter only hires someone to work a certain job. There are many other responsibilities associated with recruitment services that must be always kept in mind by the recruiter.

What does a recruiting service do?

Recruitment services tend to look for the right person for a job opportunity. A company or a business owner can find a recruitment service provider who will identify the necessities of a job, attract the best potential candidate, interview them as per the requirement of the company and instructions set for them, select a candidate or multiple candidates according to the need of the company, and hire them. Some recruitment services also help companies onboard and train the hired candidates.

Similarly, recruiting services can also help save lots of time and effort for a company. Industries specializing in a specific field don’t always hire a human resources manager to do their human resources work. Instead, they settle to work with recruitment services.

What is Nepal’s most common industries working with recruitment services?

Some of the most common industries working with recruitment services in Nepal are:

  • Health care
  • Science
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Information technology
  • Customer service
  • Retail
  • Foodservice
  • Media
  • Public relations
  • Art and design
  • Architecture
  • Computer and software engineering
Recruitment Service in Nepal 2024

Several organizations are working to provide human resources services or recruitment services to companies in Nepal. Companies tend to hire a recruitment service provider because this process is much cheaper and saves time. With the growth in industries in different fields in Nepal, there has also been a rise in the demand for recruitment services.

Recruitment service providers screen every candidate thoroughly to ensure they are the right person for an available position. Similarly, they let go of candidates unsuitable for the job while shortlisting other suitable candidates. After connecting with the candidates and hiring them through interviews, companies and recruitment service providers work hand in hand.

What are the common problems in the recruitment service in Nepal?

Recruitment services in Nepal are very common. But there are just as common problems that almost every other recruitment service faces. Some of the problems are as follows:

Cumbersome and slow process: Hiring a candidate is never as easy as it may seem. When a recruitment service is working for another company, they should consider even the tiniest factors during the process. Keeping oneself in check and co-ordination with the company they are working for is just another reason as to why the process of recruitment becomes slower. Furthermore, when a vacant job position is publicly announced, many applicants are not suitable enough to continue the job. Getting in touch with every other job applicant and trying to review their curriculum vitae while shortlisting the best person may take weeks or even a month or two.

Fake certificates: It is almost impossible to spot a fake certificate from an original one when duplicating labor permits, and certificates have become so simple and accessible. Not every job applicant delivers a legitimate document to the recruiters.

Increase in the number of overseas employment seekers: While recruiters are trying their best to expand their expertise in all areas, it is not as easy to find potential candidates anymore. The workforce has been migrating to foreign countries in the hopes of finding better opportunities while neglecting the available opportunities in Nepal itself.

Lack of trust in recruitment services due to fake agents: Many people in Nepal claim to be trustworthy agents but are often not. Not only individuals, but there are also just as many corrupt organizations who have been charging innocent job seekers heavily while not doing their work honestly. These factors have harmed many other recruitments service providers who cannot gain the trust of the hiring companies or the candidates despite being honest and trustworthy.

Lack of knowledge among the workforce: Nepal is a developing country. Hence, not everyone willing to work a white or blue-collar job knows about recruitment services. Many people looking for a job must make some effort to land the job themselves. And this is impossible when they don’t know where to find a job. This way, even if there are many potential workforces in the population, it becomes tough for recruiters to get to them.

Limited resources and budgets: The recruitment service providers in Nepal have a hard time managing quality training services, applying advanced Human Resources systems, and enhancing the technological area in their service due to lack of a proper budget and resources.

Complex labor laws: The labor laws in Nepal are complex as it is. Additionally, smaller human resources agencies or recruitment service providers in Nepal face the risk of ensuring compliance with the laws due to a lack of legal expertise.

Inadequate advertisement of the employer brand: The employer brand must always have a solid profile upon search to attract talent to their organization. A recruitment service provider alone cannot do much to pull top talents to job vacancies unless the employer brand also attracts them.


Recruitment services in Nepal are not an alien industry. However, there are many areas for growth since there is an ever-growing issue of managing technologies, complicated labor laws, weak employer brand marketing, inadequate budgets, and a lack of awareness of recruitment services in the country. Recruitment services in Nepal can grow amidst the issues, though it is quite difficult to attain the necessary improvements.

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