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BPO jobs in Nepal and Opportunities for Undergrads

After passing out from high school, you may be looking to join a college to pursue your undergrad degree. But do you also want to work on something that will make you money while at it? Perhaps a hustle you can take on along with your studies! You have many options if you’re looking for a job in Nepal.

Many undergrad students or +2 pass-outs have been engaging themselves in different kinds of jobs. Some of the best options that work effectively for many of these students are BPO jobs. Let’s dig deeper into what BPO jobs are and how one can land one of these jobs, make sure to read till the end of this blog to know more!

What are BPO jobs in Nepal?

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing refers to outsourcing functions of a company to other organizations. BPO works best for companies to optimize costs and achieve their goals. Likewise, in BPO jobs in Nepal, the candidates hired for a specific job title must work for a client company, outside the client company premise. Many functions of BPO jobs cover the areas of human resources outsourcing, accounting and Bookkeeping, payroll management, social media management, supply chain management, IT Outsourcing and customer support management .

While some job functions require one to work from the office, a few others might facilitate the jobholders to work remotely from their homes. Similarly, in Nepal’s context, BPO jobs are one of the most trustworthy sources of finding jobs, especially for those who have just passed out from high school or are still pursuing their undergrad degree.

How are high school pass-outs engaged in jobs while pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in Nepal?

High school pass-outs in Nepal have been engaging themselves in different job opportunities, most commonly BPO jobs. BPO jobs are one of the most trusted sources of landing a job opportunity without much experience and qualification. But, the jobholders through these outsourcing companies are trained well before proceeding to work in their respective jobs.

Customer Service Representative:

The most common way a high school pass-out in Nepal can engage themselves even while pursuing their education is by working as a customer service representative. Customer service representatives have a very flexible time to do their jobs. Hence, they are not required to do the

usual 9-5. Instead, they can either do a morning, or a day, or an evening shift, which best suits their needs as students and will not hamper their college timings either. Customer service is one of the easiest jobs that, with only a certain amount of skills, and knowledge, anyone can do well in. Furthermore, the pay is also very fair, given that one need not invest much time and effort into becoming a customer service representative. This job is often associated with an outsourcing company doing the customer service job for another institution.

Human resources assistant:

While managing payroll and covering the areas of human resources may seem like a big task for +2 graduates, this is quite possible with adequate information and knowledge about the company. A student still pursuing his bachelor’s degree is not expected to hold the position of an HR directly, but he can easily become an HR assistant, which is a great learning path to become a human resources manager after he passes out from college and continues the work. BPO jobs, as such, tend to help the jobholders learn about payrolls, which makes the prospects of landing an HR job very likely.


Marketing is another great way for students still pursuing their undergrad degree to find an active source of income. In today’s day and time, marketing has become very diverse, and there are so many ways that people can market for a certain company in many creative ways from the comfort of their own homes, and in a few cases, directly from the office of a company. In Nepal, many marketing activities occur from outsourcing companies that hire people to create content, manage events, and launch marketing campaigns. While many of these workers are not always associated with the company they are marketing for, they are often considered by outsourcing companies. Marketing has always been a great way to earn money and gain a fair amount of experience in the marketing field without extensive expertise or qualification. And many Nepalese youths have been engaging in marketing at the current time.

Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain management is one of the most active and effective ways to make money in Nepal, regardless of qualification. One can simply know about computers and basic English to be a part of supply chain management. While many might wonder where they can find an opportunity in Nepal, there are enough Business Process Outsourcing companies in the country that provide intensive opportunities. There are many jobs related to supply chain management as planning, sorting raw materials, production, logistic functions, and returning in case of need. Supply chain management, in general, is responsible for filling the pockets of many undergrads in Nepal. While these students are earning money, they are also learning about how the supply chain works and how they can make things work for themselves if they ever start a supply chain management company.

What can undergrads in Nepal do to fit into BPO jobs?

BPO jobs in Nepal do not require a lot. One can simply have basic knowledge of computers, fluency in English, or expertise in either typing, driving, or communication. These are possibly the most you will need to pursue a job in BPO. Therefore, one of the main reasons why Nepalese youths, particularly undergrads, have been engaging themselves in BPO jobs has to be these factors.

How can graduates fit in the BPO job market?

In the Nepalese job market, having been a jobholder in a BPO before graduating from college can be a great opportunity even for the future. BPO has the potential to help graduate jobholders earn six figures annually, even at the beginning of their careers. There are many BPO companies in Nepal, such as the Kantipur Management Private Limited a No #1 BPO company in Nepal provides tailored BPO services to streamline the business operations, boost efficiency, and drive growth. KMPL has multiple vacancies for BPO operations every day, a graduate can be a perfect fit as a BPO professional, provided he has adequate knowledge, prior experience, and skills necessary for the job. Kantipur Management offers various opportunities with the services it offers in the BPO landscape, Customer Support Outsourcing, Inbound and Outbound Call Center Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Digital Customer Experience Management, Social Media Marketing, Data Entry and Processing and more.

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