Nepal, dwelling in the Himalayas, is well-known for its rich culture, warm hospitality, and breathtaking landscapes. Its economic progress highlights diverse sector customer service. Prominent in all industries, Nepal’s customer service landscape is a potent mix of opportunities and challenges, especially in Banking, Hotels, Airlines, and Telecom. Vince Lombardi’s quote, “It takes months to find...


In today’s competitive job market, attracting highly skilled individuals can be a challenging process. This is where recruitment services come into play. The traditional hiring process has been replaced by the new one which includes recruiting agencies or other alternative methods such as planning, strategy development, preparing job descriptions, job posting, screening, shortlisting, and selection...


In today’s dynamic business landscape, the value of going above and beyond for customers is worth its weight in gold. Exceptional customer service is essential for building strong relationships and brand loyalty. It relies on empathy, patience, and effective communication, often eased through inbound call centers. What is an inbound call center? An inbound call...

Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is an ISO certified company. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing and Talent Sourcing services. We have grown from a Human Resource services company to specialize further in managing contact centers, talent outsourcing, sales, and marketing.

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