Kantipur Management is a leading BPO and HR outsourcing company in Nepal provides outsourcing services for a wide range of business processes, including customer support, technical support, accounting, payroll, staffing and recruitment, back office, and more.

Kantipur Management is a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, helping them to improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Customer interactions / Year

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At KMPL, our unwavering commitment to a Customer Centric Approach ensures personalized service tailored to your needs. Coupled with our round-the-clock Time Zone Availability, transparent Communication, and seamless Cultural Fit way of working, we participate to create a harmonious environment,  empowering success to the process.
Strong Customer Centric Approach
KMPL's Customer-Centric Approach understands needs, craft empowering, tailored experiences, fostering interactions aligned with goals.
Proactive communication approach at KMPL fosters successful collaborations, timely updates, addressing progress, concerns, and seeking feedback.
Varied Time Zone Availability
KMPL provides 24/7 service adhering the global demands, it overcomes time constraints, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities worldwide.
Cultural Fit
In our connected world, cultural fit is key. KMPL talents adapt to your work culture seamlessly, fostering a positive and productive environment.


Experience seamless customer interactions. Elevate your online presence through Social Media Management, fostering meaningful connections and enhancing brand impact.
Enhance call center efficiency with our specialized services. Inbound ensures great customer care, and Outbound strengthens sales. Elevate experiences and achieve goals.
Maximize data value with our thorough entry and processing. Typing, formatting, validation, and transformation, we convert raw data to insights, resulting smarter decisions.
Simplify workforce management with our comprehensive staffing, EOR and payroll management services. We ensure a seamless process that empowers your business growth.
Optimize your finances with our accounting and bookkeeping services. From precise bookkeeping to seamless accounting and tax compliance, we ensure accuracy and compliance.
Optimize medical operations from billing and processing to coding and record keeping, we handle healthcare finances, ensuring accurate records, allowing you to focus on delivering quality patient care.
Elevate mortgages with our Mortgage and reporting services. From documentation and compliance to coordination and credit checks, we streamline the process for your financial success.
Boost security with our surveillance services. From remote CCTV monitoring to voice recording and quality audits, we offer comprehensive solutions. Rely on us for top-notch premises security.


We are deeply grateful for Kantipur Management’s exceptional services in Customer Support Outsourcing, Tele-Sales Campaign Management, and Skilled Staff Outsourcing Services for our Service Centers. Over the past seven years, partnership with Kantipur Management has consistently exceeded our expectations, and we commend their exceptional performance.

The team consistently demonstrates remarkable professionalism and punctuality, which has greatly contributed to the success of our operations. We rely on the expertise of KMPL in customer service management outsourcing, and tele-sales campaign management, and it has undoubtedly strengthened our customer service department.

Sabin Maharjan
DGM – Customer Service & After Sales
Dish Media Network Limited


Kantipur Management have been providing us their Staff Outsourcing service for the past four years, for our Customer Service team. We are very much satisfied with their performance. They have displayed their ability in managing the Human Resources right from the hiring process to retaining them, the complete lifecycle. They have displayed complete knowledge in ensuring compliance to people and processes.

Kantipur Management has proven their strength in managing our Customer Service Department with over 85 skilled employees.

Sajina Sharma
Deputy Human Resource Manager
Vianet Communication Private Limited


We are really pleased with Kantipur Management. They have provided us with Call Center Consulting and Call Center Agent Management Outsourcing services. During the period February 2015 to April 2017, Kantipur Management excellently setup the Call Center inside our own premise at Kantipur Publications. They took on complete recruitment and management process.

We were pleased to have them manage the complete call center services for us and making sure the expectations were met, and right support was availed to our customers.

Pushpa Raj Giree
Human Resource Manager
Kantipur Media Group
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union pay
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Customer Success

Clients that understand the need of customer centric and result driven services.

Great Team

Trust and repeat business from the customers paving way for continued focus on customer success.

Great Country & People

A beautiful country with people who are engrained with hospitality and humility.

HRDD Compliant

As a company we respect rights of each and individual human at work, community, and the country.


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Create better customer experience through BPO Services in Nepal
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Outsourcing in Nepal: What the future holds for the industry
Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


Positive and learning environment for novice to kick start your career with the BPO services the company offers.

Right place to learn, grow and contribute towards creating memorable experiences.

Professional and dedicated team, understands business needs & align to enhance the overall customer experience.

Delivering Excellent Results

The company helped achieve higher FCR and CSI with the excellent work and support function they have in place.

Working for over two years, good friendly work environment & care for employees.


Award Winning Team

Team driven with excellence and customer satisfaction

Awesome Achievements

Proven records of achieving customer success and repeat business

Conducive Environment

Foster challenges, innovative ideas and bring about positive changes

Custom Working Time

Match timings to work with the 24/7 service we provide to customers


Benefits as guided by the local labor law, performance based rewards

Business Acumen

Grow your skills, as your work and develop confidence on the role

Celebrate Happiness

Celebrate success, moments together and spread happiness.

Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is an ISO certified company. We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing and Talent Sourcing services. We have grown from a Human Resource services company to specialize further in managing contact centers, talent outsourcing, sales, and marketing.

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